Call for expressions of interest in editing a special issue of JNZL

The Journal of New Zealand Literature (JNZL) is calling for expressions of interest in a fully funded special issue for 2020.

  • Proposals must align with JNZL’s mandate to publish peer-reviewed scholarly work on New Zealand literature and cultural studies.
  • Proposals need the majority approval of the JNZL International Advisory Board.
  • The proposer will take responsibility for organising any related conference or symposium and for issuing relevant calls for papers.
  • The proposer will take responsibility for assuring the peer-reviewed quality of the issue, and would be expected to involve the JNZL International Advisory Board in this process. Each submission requires at least two peer reports: at least one from an appropriate peer reviewer in the field, and at least one from a member of the JNZL International Advisory Board. (The editor of JNZL is available to assist with this process.)
  • Once the content of a special issue has been peer reviewed and confirmed, the whole issue will be reviewed by a member of the JNZL International Advisory Board. This is with a view to assuring overall consistency and quality, and is especially important where a guest editor is themselves making a contribution to the issue.
  • Special issues come at no extra cost to subscribers. The 2020 special issue will be fully funded by JNZL’s annual revenue-sharing contribution from JSTOR.
  • Special issues must appear within a calendar year of a proposal’s provisional acceptance by the JNZL International Advisory Board.
  • Fully funded special issues are competitive and advertised internationally.


Please address all enquiries and applications to the editor of the Journal of New Zealand Literature, Dr Charles Ferrall:

2017 issues of JNZL

The 2017 general and special issues are now out.

General issue 35.1, 2017

Thinking Like a Leaf: Dinah Hawken, Romantic Ecopoet
Janet Newman

‘Fond human enclosures’: Gardening and belonging in Ursula Bethell’s From a Garden in the Antipodes
Jake Arthur

Unreliable Narration and the Gothic Challenge to Social Realism in Sydney Bridge Upside Down
Hamish Clayton

‘I wouldn’t have said that’: Simone Purcell, and Gwen Mitcalfe’s annotations  in an interim draft of The Godwits Fly
Elizabeth Towl

Literary Criticism and Censorship Laws in New Zealand
James Meffan

Challenging Biculturalism: The Case of C. K. Stead
Maria Mitenkova

The Missing Childhoods of Bill Manhire
Anna Smaill

Special issue New Zealand Gothic, edited by Erin Mercer 35.2, 2017

Erin Mercer

Affairs of the Tell-Tale Heart: Sargeson’s Poe and the Horrors of Love
Timothy Jones

Memory and Misdirection in Mortal Fire
Anna Jackson

‘Shot at and slashed and whacked’: The Gothic Slaughterhouse in New Zealand Fiction
Erin Mercer

Reflective Entrapments: Intimacy and Distance in Dianna Fuemana’s Mapaki
Kimberly M. Jew

‘An amateur self-deceiving job’: M.K. Joseph’s A Soldier’s Tale and the Gothic tradition in New Zealand literature
Tom McLean

A Corpse Planted in the Garden: The Buried Body in Katherine Mansfield’s ‘The Woman at the Store’ and Elizabeth Knox’s Dreamhunter Duet
Anne Lochead

Dear Thief: Anna Jackson’s The Gas Leak
Erin Scudder

Mountain Gothic and other variants: Samuel Butler and M.K. Joseph
Roger Robinson

2016 issues

The 2016 general and special issues are now out.

JNZL 34.1, 2016

Invention and reinvention: Greville Texidor meets Frank Sargeson
Margot Schwass

‘Colonize. Pioneer. Bash and Slash’: Once on Chunuk Bair and the Anzac Myth
Janet Wilson

‘There is no restraint in murder’: John A. Lee’s War Novel Civilian into Soldier
John Horrocks

‘Grey Tweed Sports Coat, Green Eyes, Little Freckles, Tall, Cleft in the Chin, Fair’: Timothy Cardew/Harry Sweetman in The Godwits Fly.
Elizabeth Towl

An Angel at My Table (1990): Janet Frame, Jane Campion, and Authorial Control in the Auto/Biopic
Alexis Brown

Traversing ‘The Same River’: John Newton’s Unforbidden Romanticism
Nicholas Wright

Bones rolling under a river: Poetry, history and politics in Bill Sewell’s The Ballad of Fifty-one and Robert Sullivan’s Cassino: City of Martyrs/ Città Martire.
Airini Beautrais

Aboard the Naturewreck
Lorenz Pöschl

Reclaiming a landmark New Zealand play: The Tree by Stella Jones (1957).
James Wenley

Anything That Burns You: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet
Murray Edmond

Katherine Mansfield’s Literary Afterlife: Katherine Mansfield and Translation
Roya Jabarouti

Katherine Mansfield and Literary Influence
Sophie Tomlinson

The Urewera Notebook by Katherine Mansfield
Janet Wilson

JNZL 34.2, 2016, Special issue: New Writing 1975–2000, guest edited by John Geraets

Wholes in Part: Late Century Forays
John Geraets

When the Mode of the Music Changes
Roger Horrocks

The Time of Achamoth: M. K. Joseph and the Rise of New Zealand Speculative Fiction
Jack Ross

Certified Copies: 1980s New Zealand Photocopy Journals & the Xerographic Aesthetic
Makyla Curtis

Hone Tuwhare and Keri Hulme: Close Reading as Indigenous Wayfinding
Robert Sullivan

The Loney Edition
Owen Bullock

Not Much to Do Besides Watch Each Other’s Lives Unfold: Playwriting 1975–2000 in Aotearoa
Murray Edmond

Billy Apple, Typography and the Embodied Word
Wystan Curnow