JNZL essay prize

The JNZL Prize for New Zealand Literary Studies

The Journal of New Zealand Literature (JNZL) offers an annual prize for an essay in the area of New Zealand literary studies.

  • The prize is available to post/graduate students and to emerging scholars who have completed their PhDs within the last three years.
  • There is a cash prize.
  • The winning entry will be published in JNZL.
  • The prize is open internationally.
  • Entries will be judged anonymously by the Editorial Committee and the International Advisory Board of JNZL. Judging will be by majority decision.
  • The Editorial Committee reserves the right not to award the prize in any given year.
  • Non-winning essays may be considered for publication in JNZL in the usual way.
  • The prize for this year will open in June 2021.

Please submit the following:

  • A copy of the essay.
  • A brief CV.
  • A covering letter which includes a clear indication that the essay is an entry for the prize.

Submissions should be up to 5000 words in length and in MHRA format. (Download the MHRA Style Guide.)

Past winners of the JNZL Prize for New Zealand Literary Studies

Janet Newman
‘Dinah Hawken, Romantic Ecopoet’, JNZL, 35 (2017), 8–27.

Margot Schwass
Invention and Reinvention: Greville Texidor meets Frank Sargeson’, JNZL, 34 (2016), 8–26.

Janet Newman
Listening Harder: Reticulating Poetic Tradition in Michele Leggott’s “Blue Irises”’, JNZL, 33 (2015), 110–127.

Tam Vosper
Reconnecting with Nature: Place and Self Construal in the Poetry of Allen Curnow’, JNZL, 32 (2014), 141–160.

Anna Boswell
Maning’s Little Tale’, JNZL, 31 (2013), 44–65.

Andrew Dean
An Autobiography: Michael King, Patrick Evans and Janet Frame’, JNZL, 29 (2011), 46–65.

Megan Kitching
Ghost Ships: Writing the Chimerical Past in Cilla McQueen’s Soundings’, JNZL, 28 (2010), 105–125.

Cameron McLachlan
“Too Perfectly Historical for Words”: Reading Sociably at the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace/Te Puakitanga‘, JNZL, 27 (2009), 70–89.

Christopher Burke
Turning the Inside Out: Pre-Liberation Literary Worlds in the Works of Frank Sargeson, Bill Pearson and James Courage’, JNZL, 26 (2008), 95–117.

Sam Lister
Playgrounds, Gardens, Worlds, Communities: Dylan Horrocks’s Hicksville’, JNZL, 25 (2007), 138–163.

Clare Barker
From Narrative Prosthesis to Disability Counter-narrative: Reading the Politics of difference in Potiki and the bone people’, JNZL, 24 (2006), 130–147.

Meredith Criglington
White Flight: Escaping the Illegitimate and Inauthentic City in Ian Wedde’s Symmes Hole’, JNZL, 23, no.2 ( 2005), 10–20.

Melissa Gniadek
The Art of Becoming: Sherwood Anderson, Frank Sargeson and the Grotesque Aesthetic’, JNZL, 23, no.2 (2005), 21–35.