JNZL going online

Kia ora –

By the end of 2021, JNZL will be online and new issues will be open access. While the process of transitioning to this new format is underway, we are working on a special issue that will be released mid-2021 but will otherwise not be handling new submissions. We expect to be open for submissions again from June. There will be a call for entries for the annual ‘JNZL Prize’ for 2021 around the same time.

The new format will enable submissions to be managed in a more efficient way (for authors and for the journal) and will also provide access for many more people to the great thinking and writing of JNZL. This is particularly important as academic labour is increasingly casualised and many people who are keen to think about New Zealand literature are not able to access it via institutional libraries.

In the meantime, JNZL is hitting the internet via twitter and facebook. Please like/ follow/ subscribe as appropriate.