2016 issues

The 2016 general and special issues are now out.

JNZL 34.1, 2016

Invention and reinvention: Greville Texidor meets Frank Sargeson
Margot Schwass

‘Colonize. Pioneer. Bash and Slash’: Once on Chunuk Bair and the Anzac Myth
Janet Wilson

‘There is no restraint in murder’: John A. Lee’s War Novel Civilian into Soldier
John Horrocks

‘Grey Tweed Sports Coat, Green Eyes, Little Freckles, Tall, Cleft in the Chin, Fair’: Timothy Cardew/Harry Sweetman in The Godwits Fly.
Elizabeth Towl

An Angel at My Table (1990): Janet Frame, Jane Campion, and Authorial Control in the Auto/Biopic
Alexis Brown

Traversing ‘The Same River’: John Newton’s Unforbidden Romanticism
Nicholas Wright

Bones rolling under a river: Poetry, history and politics in Bill Sewell’s The Ballad of Fifty-one and Robert Sullivan’s Cassino: City of Martyrs/ Città Martire.
Airini Beautrais

Aboard the Naturewreck
Lorenz Pöschl

Reclaiming a landmark New Zealand play: The Tree by Stella Jones (1957).
James Wenley

Anything That Burns You: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet
Murray Edmond

Katherine Mansfield’s Literary Afterlife: Katherine Mansfield and Translation
Roya Jabarouti

Katherine Mansfield and Literary Influence
Sophie Tomlinson

The Urewera Notebook by Katherine Mansfield
Janet Wilson

JNZL 34.2, 2016, Special issue: New Writing 1975–2000, guest edited by John Geraets

Wholes in Part: Late Century Forays
John Geraets

When the Mode of the Music Changes
Roger Horrocks

The Time of Achamoth: M. K. Joseph and the Rise of New Zealand Speculative Fiction
Jack Ross

Certified Copies: 1980s New Zealand Photocopy Journals & the Xerographic Aesthetic
Makyla Curtis

Hone Tuwhare and Keri Hulme: Close Reading as Indigenous Wayfinding
Robert Sullivan

The Loney Edition
Owen Bullock

Not Much to Do Besides Watch Each Other’s Lives Unfold: Playwriting 1975–2000 in Aotearoa
Murray Edmond

Billy Apple, Typography and the Embodied Word
Wystan Curnow